While many of us in Capital Region have decided against flying during the pandemic, states such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine offer beach respites that we crave at distances that are manageable to drive.  In what is believed to be the first ever shark fatality in the state of Maine, officials are saying that a woman was attacked and killed on Monday afternoon. Officials are urging anyone swimming in Maine waters off the shore of Bailey Island to use caution.

A woman mauled by a shark off Bailey Island in Harpswell, Maine on Monday afternoon has died from the attack according to Pressherald.com.   According to the source, witnesses claim to have seen the woman mid-attack by what they presumed was a shark.  A short time later, two individuals in kayaks brought her to shore where she was pronounced dead at the scene.  Another woman who was swimming with the victim was unharmed according to sources.

The victim has been identified as Julie Dimperio Holowach, 63, of New York City according to WMTW.com.  Maine officials are urging boaters and swimmers to be very cautious and careful swimming in these particular waters, especially near seals.

It's easy according to sources for sharks to mistake humans for seals which they primarily feast on.

Radio Midcoast WCME, Maine posted this photo on Tuesday to their Facebook page:

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