I don't want to be a Negative Nelly, but I am one.  Mostly when it comes to the weather in the Capital Region.  I know, I know...we live in Upstate New York and I need to get over it.  But as I get a little older and the weather turns a little colder, I can't help but to become just like the roads in the Capital Region we drive on: worn, icy, and salty.

I get especially annoyed with 'snow-it-all' people who always have tips and tricks on how to beat the winter weather.  Chrissy is one of these people.  In fact, right before we videoed this segment, I heard her run to the office so she could grab her boots.  She brought in a second pair of shoes to wear during the show! Just do the damn show in your boots!  Am I wrong?  Also, Chrissy always leaves her windshield wipers up on her car during storms (even if we get an inch of snow) which drives me insane and loves to remind people to check on the elderly.  For the record, I talk to my mom and dad every day at least once and my poor sister Sherri gets calls from them about thousand times a day so the elderly are fine. 

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