I'm so sad to see Letterman go, even though I hardly ever got a chance to see it live over the past 25 years.  On the other hand, watching this last show made me burst with pride in a very odd way.  Here's why

I kind of made this my own serious Top 5 list after Letterman pulled back the curtain and showed us all what goes into a network show.  It made me very proud and prideful.

Fans Gather At Ed Sullivan Theatre Before David Letterman's Last Show
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5.  David Letterman  did 5 hours a week of TV, correct?  One hour per nite x 5.  (I'm good at math).  That's a lot of pressure, no doubt.  But think about it.  We do 25 hours of LIVE radio a week. I know - it's not a national show, but still we should have some kind of bragging rights.

4.  Did you see how many people behind the scenes at that show to make one guy funny?  (Not taking anything away from Dave - he's funny in his own right, don't get me wrong.  But they have 2 teams just to come up with a top 10 list.    Here's our team - Sean, Bethany, Dave and me ---GO TEAM!
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3. I don't care how many booking agents we have - do you think we could get any guests to come to Albany at 6 am even if they ARE appearing in town.  We don't even pay scale.
2. Have you seen the budget for his show -  The graphics department.  Makeup people,  segment producers, for God sakes.   We have -um----- GO TEAM.
1. And the number one reason I'm prideful?  I couldn't think of any more.  I don't' have a writing team like Dave to come up with one.  But I can say that it makes me even more proud that we do what we do.
  Ok, I'm done.  I am prideful yes, but definitely sad that a legend (and his hard working staff ) are gone.  Enjoy a long and healthy retirement Dave, and good luck to Stephen Colbert.


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