This is purely my observation, and it's no better than one you would have. The only difference is that I'm lucky enough to have a forum here to express it.  (But I'll give you a chance to share my forum at the end).  Here is why I think big box retailers are idiots and will lose in the long run if they don't shape up!

You know something?  It's Saturday morning.  I don't feel like typing.  It will be too long. 

And being that it's Saturday, I'm sure you don't want to read anything long and drawn out.  I'm going to talk into my phone and post my comment here, and would love to hear your reaction (hell, send me audio back if you want to -

Looking for your reaction! You can put your comments in the comment section at the bottom of this blog.  (Note to self-  I had to record that 5 times.  It would have been quicker to type it out after all!)  Have a good weekend- and support your local mom-and-pop store!