It has been a long few months as we have tackled our kitchen renovation. But after today, it's a journey that is nearing the finish line.Now, let me start off by being honest. My wife Stacy has had the toughest time with our kitchen renovation. She is home taking care of our kids all day, which is not easy without a fully functional kitchen. Through this whole process, I have had the escape of getting out of our reno zone each day. So Stacy has had to live with our ongoing projects more than  I have.

Which is why she is a saint and why today is a great day! Our lives are going to get back to normal as our beautiful new Cambria Countertops were installed today! So once I hook up our new faucet tonight, we will have a fully functional kitchen! Yes, with just some trim work and our flooring to put in, we are nearing the finish line of our kitchen reno with Curtis Lumber.


These countertops really are stunning. Plus, they are so functional. They are a quartz material that does not need treatment and won't stain. With 2 kiddos always making a mess, the stain-free material is key for us and our lifestyle. Our design pro Kerri at Curtis Lumber really nailed this whole design and helped us choose the materials that were right for us, and seeing it come to fruition is super satisfying as a do-it-yourselfer. After tackling this project, I feel like I can tackle anything! But, maybe I will take a break first! A little normalcy in our living space will be nice to enjoy for a while.


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