This is a frequently asked question in the Albany area and the missing exit has become quite a piece of local lore; it was even mentioned  in a McDonald’s commercial last year.

The reason there is no Exit 3 is because several of the planned interstates were never built. Interstate 687 was supposed to connect the exit for Corporate Woods off of I-90 to I-87 at Sand Creek Road, which is where Exit 3 is supposed to be.

While the plans for building 687 were abandoned long ago, the idea for Exit 3 has never really died. Currently the NYSDOT is conducting a study to find out the feasibility of building an Exit 3 to help relieve congestion at Exits 2E, 2W, and 4.

NYSDOT projects that if all goes according to plan that construction will begin on Exit 3 in Fall 2012 and will be completed by Fall 2014. The project is expected to cost $12,600,000.

Check out the McDonald's commercial where the mysterious Exit 3 is mentioned: