These are the things that keep me up at night.  I was just thinking about this- who do you think was more popular for their time period, Justin Bieber or the late Davy Jones?  Hmmmm...

I have no research here to prove one way or another.  I was just thinking about this. You have Bieber, who is wildly popular without a doubt.  According to the JustinBieber he sold 4 million albums in one year. "My World 2.0", according to them, sold 7 million copies.

Okay, yeah, that's true.  And not taking anything away from the "Bieb",  but he has Facebook, Twitter, and websites like "the Justin Bieber Shrine" to hype him.

Justin Bieber , Davy Jones

The Monkees never had that.  They had television,  old school radio (yeah, baby), newspapers, posters for teenage girls and word-of-mouth to spread the word, and that was it. According to


In 1967 alone the Monkees sold more albums than the Beatles & Rolling Stones combined! In the 60's it was rare for any band to achieve sales in excess of a million, so it was a huge achievement when The Monkees sold 5 million copies in one year!

Okay, how do you measure it?  Who was more popular?  What do you think?  Any mathematicians out there?  Would love to know your thoughts, but no matter what - we aging yuppies will always remember the Monkees and the achievements of Davy Jones.  He will be missed!


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