This is actually really funny! Justin Bieber was performing on a TV show in Spain with his guitar player when the crowd starting clapping along with his song "What Do You Mean."

Now, you might be thinking, "How nice! The crowd is really getting into his performance!" And, you'd be right... but... at one point the group clapping gets a little off beat. And Justin doesn't like it very much.

He stops the crowd and I think it's pretty funny!

I'm sure people are going to jump right down Justin's throat for being an ass, but I'm gonna side with him on this one.

I've actually talked to a couple of country artists about this issue. I'm told it's really hard to sing an acoustic set when the crowd is off beat with their clapping. So, I'm okay with him righting the ship in this particular case.

What do you think? Was Justin out of line here?

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