There is some talk that one of my favorite sitcoms may be coming back. John Goodman was on the View with Sara Gilbert and they both discussed that Roseanne will returnI loved that show. It was the first real sitcom that dealt with real family issues. The Connor family didn't have much, they both worked hard and they told the kids like it was. There was no sugar coating or coddling, they kept it real.

It got me thinking that there were some sitcom "families" that resembled my household. I remember watching the Facts Of Life and thinking that was how my sisters and I interacted. I was totally Jo Polniaczek. She was the tom boy, loved sports, rode a motorcycle and was who she was. Blair Warner was my older sister Michele. Always making sure her hair was just right, chasing after boys and staying out passed curfew. My other sister Nancy was Tootie. She was always upbeat, fun, very smart and on roller skates. Their interactions were like us as sisters so I totally related.

Also, Mrs. Garrett, who acted as their mom was a lot like mine. She dolled out the discipline, and made sure the girls did their chores while teaching them life lessons. Plus she owned a shop connected to where they lived. My mom had her hairdressing shop right in our house.

Some of that may seem like a stretch, but looking back, we took the good, we took the bad, we took them both and there we had, the facts of life.

Which TV sitcom either from now or your childhood best represents yours?

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