It was probably one of your favorite shows growing up on Nickelodeon and now, they're rebooting it for adults and you can audition.

Have you always wanted to be a Silver Snake or a Red Jaguar? Maybe you were more of a Purple Parrot? Your time is now and your dream may come true because they're casting for adults.

Quibi has opened up casting for Legends of the Hidden Temple, according to Newsweek. According to the form, there was a deadline of last Friday to find out information about the upcoming casting. My thought, though, is to email them anyway (I did). You never know how many people saw the search or how many people put off sending that email. You may be the person they're looking for!

They haven't announced what exactly they're looking for or when we can expect the show on Quibi (yes, you'll have to get another streaming source to see it) which is available starting April 6th. We'll just have to wait and see if Olmec will be back and what kind of temple guards will they have to freak out us "grown-ups."

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