We live in such a beautiful area, but crime happens. Because of that crime some of our beautiful towns aren't as safe as the others. It turns out two of our towns are in the Top 20 of the "Safest Places In Upstate New York," according to FBI crime data.

I feel prideful to say that one of the two towns happens to be where I not only grew up, but still reside today and that is Waterford.

Peebles Island, Waterford, Marissa, WGNA

Coming in at #7 on the list of 20 safest places in Upstate, New York. In the last year we've only had 3 violent crimes according to the FBI data and only 30 home incidents which moves us up from last years ranking of #12! Way to go, hometown! You know what the saying is though? The good part of town is only like a couple blocks from the bad part of town (I'm talkin' to you Lansingburgh/Troy! C'mon!)

Stillwater, Marissa, WGNA

Also on the list of safest and coming in at a surprising 3rd place is Stillwater! With no violent crimes in the last year and only 17 home incidents it puts the Town of Stillwater up pretty high on the list! To think there has been such little crime in an area when you see so much of it on the news is amazing to me, so great job, Stillwater!