Hint: It's not good.

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Come on New York!  We are one of the first states in the Union!  We are home to one of the biggest, best cities in the entire world!  We are strong, and independent and free!  So why, did we make it onto the list of the LEAST patriotic states in the US?

WalletHub.com used criteria like active military members and veterans per capita, the percentage of people who voted in the primaries, the volunteering rate, and even how often people do Google searches for American flags to rank all 50 states in patriotism.

The 10 most patriotic states are:

1. Virginia

2. Alaska

3. South Carolina

4. Colorado

5. Georgia

6. Hawaii

7. Montana

8. Alabama

9. Washington

10. New Hampshire.

And the 10 least patriotic states are:

1. New Jersey

2. Connecticut

3. New York

4.  Rhode Island

5.  Illinois

6. Massachusetts

7. Pennsylvania

8. California

9. Michigan

10. Louisiana

Hopefully you'll have a safe and happy July 4th!  And, for the love of America... New York, let's get patriotic!!!!

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