july 4th

Brian and Chrissy's 4th Of July 'Salute To The Troops'
Starting at 6am on Wednesday, July 4th - and continuing all throughout Independence Day on WGNA - Brian and Chrissy will be honoring some of the local men and women in our military who may be away from their families while protecting our freedom back home. We'll be airing special shout-outs, message…
Where To Watch Fourth Of July Fireworks
Growing up in Mechanicville, we always had the most amazing fireworks displays. Mechanicville was the home to one of the most world renowned fireworks companies called Alonzo's. They have since sold their business, but I still have appreciation for a great fireworks show on or around the 4th. G…
Where New York Ranks on the List of Most Patriotic States
Hint: It's not good.
Come on New York!  We are one of the first states in the Union!  We are home to one of the biggest, best cities in the entire world!  We are strong, and independent and free!  So why, did we make it onto the list of the LEAST patriotic states in the US...
Free Coffee For Sleepy Drivers on the Northway
In anticipation of the July 4th holiday, free coffee, cold drinks, and snacks will be available at the rest stop just north of Exit 9 on the Adirondack Northway (I-87) during the July 4th weekend!
For 26+ years, free coffee has been provided in order to encourage drivers to stop and take a &ldq…
Happy Independence Day! Celebrate With July 4th Jokes!
Q: What dance was very popular in 1776?
A:  Indepen-dance!
Q: Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Boston to Lexington?
A: Because the horse was too heavy to carry!
Q: Why does the Statue of Liberty stand in New York Harbor?
A: Because she can’t sit down...