When I think of my childhood, I think of taking walks to Central Park and playing on the playground. I think of chasing the ducks past Iroquois Lake, running up and down the hill. Imagine my surprise when I went to the playground and there was nothing there.

If you're also from Schenectady, I'm sure you have these same memories too and would be equally upset if you came across that sight within the past year. No worries, The Daily Gazette reported that it's not forever, they're just planning some updates.

The playground was originally taken down because of safety concerns with an announcement that they would be rebuilt at some point in 2017. The Mayor’s Recreation Advisory Committee has said that they received quotes last week and hope to install the new equipment in the next month, end of the summer at the latest.

Around the same time, late June, Central Park has announced the pool will be open along with the other 3 public Schenectady pools (Quackenbush, Hillhurst, Front St), all to close in mid to late August.

Central Park will also be updating their dog park by adding grass patches and new play equipment as well as new paint to the Music Haven seating area.

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