If you have ever been to Countryfest, I think you would agree here in New York we like to party. But can we over do it? Here's where New York ranks when it comes to the drunkest states.

Based on this ranking, I like to think we don't overdo it for the most part. But at times we can go overboard. According to USA Today, 24/7 Wall Street recently reviewed Centers For Disease Control data to determine New York is the 20th drunkest state in the US. 

Here is what the article had to say about our drinking habits in the Empire State:

At 18.2%, New York’s excessive drinking rate is roughly in line with that of the national share of 18%...(and) driving deaths attributable to alcohol are rare compared to most states. Only 23% of all roadway fatalities involve alcohol, the second lowest share among any state and well below the national rate of 30%.

So maybe we do overdo it at times, but the good news is for the most part we do it responsibly. Keep using those Uber and Lyft apps to get home safe!

The drunkest state in the country according to USA Today is no surprise: North Dakota. What else is there to do there in the dead of winter, right?


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