We are definitely not sad, but not exactly ecstatic.

I think the hustle and bustle lifestyle that we lead here in New York could lead some to believe life is not so happy here. Well, according Wallethubs ranking of 2018's Happiest States, that perception would be wrong! Yeah, we are not over the moon, but we are in a pretty good mood here coming in at #14 in Wallethub's ranking. Hawaii, Utah and Minnesota were 1, 2 and 3.

So how did Wallethub formulate these rankings? The website says each state's score is based on "... overall well-being and satisfaction with life" and the Wallethub study relied on other studies that measured "...economic, emotional, physical and social health."

Looking at the factors that led to New York's score, you have to agree even though life here can be stressful and expensive, there is plenty of opportunity here and there is plenty of things to experience in New York and the Capital Region to make living here a positive.. Plus hey, if you are a country, there is plenty of great music and live shows to contribute to Wallthubs factors of "'Emotional and social health," right?

You can see the full Wallet hub rankings and report here.


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