I know you probably read the headline and thought, "Who would ask such an obvious question?"Well it may not be as obvious of an answer as you think. There are many adults that were surveyed that believe that chocolate milk comes from an actual brown cow. Yup, you heard right. A thousand adults were asked where chocolate milk comes from and seven percent answered a brown cow!

It's crazy to think that almost ten percent think that brown cows have chocolate milk coming out of their utters. But get this...37% said they had no idea, couldn't even venture a guess of where chocolate milk could come from. I have zero hope in adults.  I thought that most adults knew where we get milk. Wouldn't these 37% at least say that cows make milk and go from there? To not even say that much makes me lose faith in people on a whole.

Anyway, I thought I would pose the question to my six year old, Ryan. Do you think he knew where chocolate milk comes from? Was he smarter than the 37% of adults? Take a look at his adorable video and his answer.

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