NORAD is once again tracking Santa's location as he delivers presents across the globe. Track his location to see when he'll arrive in the Capital Region!

Photo of happy Santa Claus outdoors in snowfall carrying gifts to children
Credit: HASLOO Source: ThinkStock

It is going to be a busy, busy day for Santa Claus as he treks across the globe delivering presents. Since it is already Christmas Day on the other side of the planet, him and the reindeer are already hard at work. So the big question is, when will Santa arrive here in the Capital Region?

You can keep an eye on Santa's location all day long and Chirstmas Eve night with the Norad Santa Tracker.  This will be a good way to figure out when Santa is getting close to the Capital Region so everyone can got to bed so he can deliver all those gifts to your house!

Merry Christmas and Happy Santa Tracking!

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