Whether you believe in UFOs or not, there certainly have been more sightings than you would imagine in recent months.

Now, you would figure UFO sightings would be few and far between, right? Even if you believe in them. Well, you need to check out the National UFO Reporting Center's State Report Index for New York. In the last 100 days alone there have been 39 UFO sightings in the state of New York, and 4 of them were right here in the Capital Region!

The most recent took place November 16th in Schenectady. According to the National UFO Reporting website the spotter had this to report:

'Massive 6 bright white lights in a line, slightly arched, then changed into reddish orange light ball and disappeared.'

The State Report Index for NY says the other recent sightings took place in Watervliet November 10, Albany November 1 and Schaghticoke October 26th.

I am sure most of these could be explained as something created by humans, but hey, ya never know what is really hovering over us, right?


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