As we flirt with 100 degrees this week, you will be shocked at how far back you need to go to find the last time we hit the century mark in Albany.

After a very mild spring and before officially hitting the first day of summer, we are in the midst of our first sweltering heatwave of summer 2024.

Albany Forecast This Week: Hot & Humid!


According to News Channel 13, it will be hot and humid with high temps of 94 Tuesday and 96 Wednesday and Thursday with triple-digit heat indexes. So we will be flirting with the century mark, but chances are it won't happen this week which will extend an impressive streak in Albany.

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When Was The Last Time We Hit 100 Degrees In Albany?

If you look back at the hottest days on record with the National Weather Service, New York's capitol has hit or surpassed the 100-degree mark a total of 14 times (You can see the 8 hottest days on record below). This stat itself is not too crazy. The shocking number is the date we last crossed the century mark!

The last time Albany hit 100 degrees was September 3, 1953 - over 70 years ago! Think of all the summers and all the heatwaves that have passed in those years, and yet no triple digits!

But I know what you're thinking: it's not the heat, it's the humidity. And according to how it feels this week, there is no such thing as that streak: stay cool my friend!

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