Right now, we're dealing with both a foot or more of snow and ridiculously frigid temps- so that totally sucks.  But, Chrissy and I get into the argument all the time.  Assuming that we weren't experiencing both, what would you rather subject yourself to?  Dealing with the struggle of massive snowfall or dealing with the misery that comes from sub-zero temps?

Chrissy always argues that she'd rather have a ton of snow instead of frigid cold.  I say that's nonsense.

Yes, it's pretty when it's falling.  But snow halts traffic, cancels school and daycare, turns to deathtraps of ice, and then eventually melts and becomes grey and ugly.  Snow is the attractive person in high school who peaks when they're 17 years old.  But after years of smoking, bad food decisions, stress and questionable DNA, they're hardly the cute cheerleader or star of the basketball team that you remember them to be when your 20th reunion comes around.

The frigid temperatures are no picnic either, but at least I know what I'm getting.  If I'm smart about it, I can find a way to get warm and stay warm even when it feels like minus 70 outside.  But once the pain is gone, it's gone.  The way I see it, frigid temps are like that really strict teacher in school, who always appears to be in a bad mood that is watching you like a hawk.  Yes, nobody wants Ms. Crabapple as a math teacher, but without realizing it, she's teaching you discipline, respect, and preparing you for real life.  Pass her class and everything after that is cake.

I'll take frigid temps over massive snowfall any day of the week.  What I really, really, have little time for is what we're dealing with now. Both.



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