Niskayuna is such a beautiful town to live in.  We've been here now almost 13 years.  Love it, love it, love it.  (Did I mention that I loved it?).  Except for one slight mini-rant.

My driveway is covered with this brown stuff.  I was going to say something else, but I will restrain myself.  I know that it's making my eyes burn.  It's stuffing my nose up.  It's actually making me hoarse, which is wonderful for morning radio!  But what is the technical term for it?

brown Stuff Niskayuna

You can see the junk next to my grass stained sneakers at the top left.   Now the tree in my front yard is to the right (duhhh).  I don't see any brown junk in the tree at all, yet it's all over the place.  Is this a pollenation type of thing going on?  What is the actual name for the brown crap?  (Whoops!)

Whatever it is, the solution is at the bottom of the photo.  I HIGHLY recommend that you get one of these gizmos.   It's a blower, chipper, and lawn vacuum all in one.  There's a few companies that make them.  Mine was from Sears and I've had it for years.  (and I was trying to take a day off from rhyming!)

I vacuum all this stuff off my driveway with it and it takes about 5 minutes.  I also clean the garage with it!  And then you can run it on the lawn and vacuum everything else too.   It's fantastic.  It grinds sticks andmulches things.  You won't be able to do without it.  I see them on display all the time and people walk right by them!  It's great for this...stuff...whatever it is?

Do you have alot of it where you live?  Is it making your allergies go crazy?  Is there a nice deadly spray that  we can use that will get rid of it AND further poison the enviornment?    Would love to know!

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