Every year my ten-year-old suffers from allergies. His doctor puts him on some allergy medication and he's usually alright. But this year it has been brutal. In fact, over the weekend, he was up most of the night on Saturday because he couldn't breathe and he was all stuffed up. His eyes were swollen and bloodshot. Allergies are the worst this season and I know it's not just Ryan. Here's why.

It turns out that Albany is ranked eleventh on a "pollen capital" in the country list according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. A huge factor in pollen count is the increase in temperature. According to News 10 ABC, in the last fifty years, the temperature has risen two-point four degrees in the Albany area. With the seasons getting longer and warmer, the increase in pollen is also greater.

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Ryan is suffering big time. I have never seen his allergies this bad. He also suffers from asthma and this combination is awful for him. There are also more allergy-type plants that are growing in different areas so more people are being exposed to different types of pollen. Ryan included.

Although there are only certain medications that can be taken, allergies are not necessarily life-threatening. But allergy sufferers know that it does affect your quality of life and your fun. Doctors recommend that you get tested for allergies even if you had not suffered from them before. Many times people develop allergies later in life and to some things that they were never allergic to before.

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