I live in Albany and have never personally seen the red Chevy truck with the rather crass message on its rear windshield. Assorted pictures of it have popped up all over the internet, and the driver has been the butt of many jokes. It's pretty safe to assume that the person responsible for such a straightforward assertion is someone who is proud of their work behind the scenes. Meanwhile, attempts to censor the strange flex, have bottomed out. Have you seen this truck around the Capital Region? Do you find it offensive, funny or foolish?

I've been seeing some rather humorous posts and pictures on Albany Reddit chronicling encounters with the red Chevy with the words 'I EAT A**' across the rear window.  One Reddit user in particular  u/skimanjr, was on booty duty when he posted a picture and comment recently stating that this 'dude had it on the back of his truck and he got pulled over by police and refused to take it off, leading to him being detained.'

FuzzyGrayLines had this to say: The truck...the as**... the Legend. Who is this person? When did their journey begin?
As of right now, we don't know who this person is. Perhaps he or she wants to keep it that way.  Somehow I doubt though that an individual who professes their love for the booty buffet is all of a sudden going to clam up about announcing who they are.
In the meantime, while some might find it offensive or crude, the red Chevy truck hums along the streets of the Capital Region and law enforcement can't seem to do much about it.  But as taggadem810 pointed out, it's "Freedom of expression. I'd have told the cop to eat my a**."
Reddit user u/sp3c1al1st posted this beaut of the Chevy seen in Albany
Reddit user u/crimewaaave posted a pic taken at Field of Horrors in Troy