I thought Friday night's mega millions drawing was big, but since there was no winner, tonight's drawing will, of course, be even bigger.  So what are the odds you or I could win the pot?

Well, as it stands now each person who buys a ticket for the now $244-million jackpot, has roughly one in 197 million chances of winning.  It's still a shot -- maybe a long shot or shot in the dark, but still a shot.  When it comes to certain accomplishments or aspirations, that's all some people feel they need, is that one shot.


So what would you do with $244-million?  Or rather, $156-million if you were to take the cash option.  Either way, for me, that's a rather large shopping spree -- you know, like the one Julia Roberts had in "Pretty Woman."  I could buy a house -- one with lots of acreage for my horses/pets.  I wouldn't shy away from a home with a lakefront view either -- just sayin'.  The home would have to have lots of closets to hold any items bought on my shopping spree (walk-in of course). 


I'd take a fabulous vacation some where VERY tropical, definitely with palm trees.  Who needs this "Spring" weather we've been having anyway.  And I would also probably buy a new car since the one I have now (though I still love it) is pushing nine years.  I think I'd also make a considerable contribution to a few of our charities we partner with here at WGNA as well as some of our other local charities that aren't as well known due to funding and resources.  For instance, the Green Drakkoman Foundation.  This is a great organization not many people know of (Greendrakkoman.org).  And it started and is based here in the Capital Region.

Now it's your turn.  What would you do with all that money?

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