This one is just me in thinking mode (a rare occurrence these days, but bear with me).  I've been watching alot of The Apprentice lately.  It's been a great season, and we've totally enjoyed it.  But I got to thinking about it.  That show has had some very positive effects, believe it or not.  And from a reality show?  Go figure!

Looking at Trace Adkins, for example. Let's put it this way, folks. If it weren't for this show, would you ever picture Donald Trump giving Trace Adkins the time of day on the street?   Could you even imagine Trump and him in the same picture together?

But Trace fooled him!  He  displayed drive, a great  business sense, and intelligence (he's actually a history buff),

Then you have Clint Black.  Yes, they ran him out on a rail, and he came off a bit arrogant, but he was still nobody's fool. Stubborn.  Opinionated.  But so is the Donald, right?

And now onto John Rich from Big and Rich. It's right down to the wire here.  There's a good chance that he could be the first "Country" Celebrity Apprentice. He also has proven to be clever, a great marketer, a good organizer, and again, a smart business person (and if you read his wikipedia bio you'll realize he's pretty darn successful already).

So as much as we blast Donald Trump in some respects for being an angry man in his own right,   you have to admit that he's actually done alot to break down barriers,and to promote racial equality, and tolerance.   Wow, sounds like he'd make a good President!  -Whoops. Scratch that thought. This just in.  He's not running, Good, Donald.   Stick with what you do best, saying "you're fired", and stuff like that!