This is a post actually written by my son, Ryan. He loves to write and though I am biased, I think he has talent. So I figured why not share it with everyone. I think like everyone, I do wonder what if anything happens when you die, and I think it's a fun question to debate. The problem with the question of what happens however is, you really never want to find out! Like the way his story ends, to me it's kind of better to not know....

There are many people who've had near death experiences who claim they know what happens when you die, but are they telling the truth? What did they really see?

A week or two ago, my friends Jim, Kat and I bought some drinks and had a fire. We talked for a few hours that night before we found ourselves on the topic of death.

"I hear when you come close to dying, you have like, an out of body experience," Jim said, "you can look at yourself like you're watching from a camera on the ceiling."

"Yeah, I read about that somewhere, " I said.

Jim continued, "After you see yourself die, you feel nothing but at peace with the universe. Eventually, a bright, white light washes over you. The light is so bright that it should blind you, but it doesn't."

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"I heard differently," said Kat. "A friend of mine had a near death experience in a lake when she was seven years old. According to her, dying feels just like breathing in anesthesia. You feel yourself slowly lose consciousness, and your brain shuts down.

Jim began arguing with Kat about the validity of a seven year old's memory before I interrupted.

"I heard when you die, your life 'flashes before your eyes' and you see old relatives you knew from your childhood who've passed away," I said.

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"Before you die, your body pumps blood to your brain at an astounding rate," Kat said. "The blood might activate certain memories that have been unused for several years. That may be the cause of these claims."

Jim's face tensed up a bit. "Well, I heard this man in India had a near death experience that lasted thirty seconds. He claims to have lived an entirely different life in that short amount of time."

We all fell silent for a few moments, deep in thought.

"Hey, are you guys hungry," I asked.

"I could eat," said Kat.

"Yeah, me too," said Jim. "How about Denny's?"

I fumbled around my pockets for my keys.

"I'll start the car," I said.


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