Colonie police are asking anyone with information to step forward and help with any clues that may solve the mysterious death of a 29-year-old dancer at local gentleman's club.

According to the Times Union, police say a part-time dancer at Shenanigan's Gentleman Club was pronounced dead on Sunday, hours after she became 'drowsy' during her shift late Saturday night.   29-year-old Tiara Bush, according to the report, was driven home early Sunday morning by a friend following her shift after 4 AM and died a short time later.  Colonie Police are trying to piece together all of the information that may have lead to her death.

According to reports, someone  in the club gave Bush two unidentified pills while she was working on Saturday evening, and afterwards told co-workers she was feeling drowsy.  According to the Times Union, she was helped by a 'friend' to lay down on a couch within the club.  When she was eventually taken home, the Times Union is reporting that Bush's boyfriend helped her out of the car and to sleep.  According to News 10 ABC, her boyfriend called 911 later in the day on Sunday when he was unable to wake her.

According to the Times Union, sadly Bush had a 3-year-old son and worked another job in Schenectady in the 'medical profession'.

Colonie Police are asking anyone with any information to please reach out to them.

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