Take a close look.  You won't believe the heartbreaking answer...

You're right - all of these brave, proud officers were killed in the line of duty in New York. OMG.  Is that tragic or what?  This is the worst collage I've ever put together.  Usually collages are happy compilations.  Family photos.  Nice memories.  But I think it's powerful to see them all in one place.

L to R Top Row - Sergeant Thomas P. McAvoy,  Officer Edward C. Stevens, Officer Samuel B. Robinson, Chief William J. Fitzpatrick, CENTER -Lieutenant John F. Finn

Bottom row  Sergeant Michael F. McNeil, Jr, Officer Guy J. Barringer, Officer Francis V. Keys, Officer Francis W. Castle

There are so many others, like Kenneth Wilcox -the list goes on and on, and again, this is just in New York!

All the more reason to join us on April 24th for Blue Friday.  All of the information is here.