Hallmark recently revealed their new new line of virtual reality greeting cards designed to give dad an adventure this Father's Day.  Save your hard earned money ($12.99 is what they cost) and skip the silly VR card for Father's Day.  Here's a list of simple and inexpensive things I think your dad would rather have.

  • A handmade card with a written note
  • A cookout where he gets to grill but doesn't hafta buy the meat
  • A day with his kids where they aren't checking their phone every 2.5 seconds
  • A framed picture of dad and the kid(s) I promise this will get prominently and proudly displayed immediately
  • A subscription to Dollar Shave Club  (Trust me on this)
  • Peace and Quiet
  • A day of uninterrupted sports viewing
  • Gift card for a body massage or one of those haircuts with hot towel and scalp massage. Dad may never get this for himself, but the big guy likes to get pampered too!
  • If you're playing in a sporting event on that Sunday and dad is watching, write something cool about him on your cleats or sneakers
  • Look him in the eye and tell him you love him and appreciate him.  Even if it's not something you'd normally do.  That's probably the best gift of all

Happy Father's day to all the proud papas out there!

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