Every once in awhile I will come across an internet abbreviation that makes me totally scratch my head, so I started looking them up.  Boy, do I feel stupid sometimes - LOL (whoops) 

Here's a good one - PUV.  What?  I guess a P.U.V is a public utility vehicle

Another one -          IYKWIM.  Any guesses?  It's ridiculous, if you know what I mean (and that's what it means!

How about              OST.  That's an "original sound track"

and finally              HIYA  This one makes sense.  It's "Hello"


   So let me see if I can put it all together.  HIYA.  I'm in my PUV listening to an OST.  Great CD, IYKWIM.    Wow, now I'm in the loop.  I hope it helped you too.

   For more of these gems, you can go to Internetslang.com.    CYA!  


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