This Friday, WGNA is asking for your help with our 2nd Annual Center for Disability Services' Radiothon.  Not only will we be on-air all day Friday looking for your sponsorship, but each of the on-air personalities will also be co-hosting the telethon Sunday, January 30th,

along with Fox 23 and their staff. Join us in helping the Center for Disability Services reach their goal -- "To enable and empower people, primarily those with disabilities, to lead healthy and enriched lives.”

The Center is a wonderful place.  Last year, I had the opportunity to tour the center and see exactly what they do there and how many people are involved.  The staff is extremely caring of these consumers and the facility itself, has so many options and equipment that also, unfortunately, costs a lot and is limited.  The center reaches out to over 15,000 consumers and compared to how many consumers the center serves, they need more equipment.

Many consumers are able to enjoy experiences at the center they would never have without the center's assistance.  Communication is just one of those skills.  You and I take speaking, typing and/or writing for granted because we do it every day.  However, consumers don't have that luxury.  With equipment at the center, they can push buttons that speak or spell out what they are trying to convey.  Without this communication instrument, you would not necessarily be able to know what this person was trying to tell you.  Something as simple as, "Hi! My name is" or "how are you?"

As you know, learning; traveling; taking your family or friends to the movies; going to a nearby pool -- costs something.  Consumers don't have that easy accessibility, but with the center's help, they have so many opportunities their families might not normally be able to offer them because of work schedules and the expense.

Join Country 107.7, WGNA-FM and Fox 23 this Sunday for the 51st Center for Disability Services Telethon, from 12 to 7 pm.  We need everyone's help and donations to keep the center up and running so consumers have somewhere to go each day and have experiences as well as education, they will remember and cherish forever.