Yesterday as I was preparing for the Carrie Underwood Concert at the Times Union Center a listener sent me an email, and I just knew I had to get this to Carrie before showtime. The listener asked me if I could see if Carrie Underwood might be able to offer some comfort to the communities and the families impacted by the local DWI tragedy. Carrie talked about the tragedy's and offered comfort to the families and dedicated her hit song "Temporary Home" to the families and the community. Here is the email I sent to management including the forwarded email that I got from a listener with a big heart. Carrie Underwood, thanks for being a friend to Today's County 1077 'GNA, and thanks for being there and helping a community through a tough time.(Click email to view in full size so you can read it easier)

Email From Jake and WGNA
From Jake Thomas




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