The prestigious 2012 Westminster Dog Show (with the Westminster Kennel Club) was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Besides the typical classy canine competitions inside, there was a political protest outside. When I read about a protest at a dog show, I was wondering what someone could protest about at a dog show. Did someone’s Beagle get upstaged by someone else’s German Shepherd? Not at all. Before I go on, I just want to say that I am not being political. Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal, I’m just writing a story about a dog that just happens to involve a political candidate.

From the Washington Post, people that had nothing to do with the dog show, brought their dogs and protested against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It was because Romney allegedly took a family vacation in 1983, and took their family dog, Seamus - an Irish Setter, with them inside a crate strapped to a rack on the roof of the car, for a trip from Boston to Canada. That was a 12 hour trip.

CNN had video about the protest.

There’s also a website called “Dogs Against Romney.”

I told you it wasn’t political. It’s all about the dogs. Perhaps someone should strap him to the roof of a car and drive for 12 hours.