What celebrity from the Capital Region may be the first to go in 2017? What they say is true. You really can find anything on the internet but it's not all pleasant. Sometimes is disgusting.

With all of the celebrity deaths that occurred in 2016. Sadly, one website is wasting no time capitalizing one who may go in 2017. Not just who will go but in what order.

According to a gross and tasteless website called Death List, they claim the first celebrity to go in 2017 is actor, Kirk Douglas.

Douglas, raised in Amsterdam, New York starred in several major films such as "Spartacus" and "Greedy' will turn 101 in December of 2017.

Kirk Douglas is also the father of actor, Michael Douglas.

A few other notable celebrities who made the list are Billy Graham, Stan Lee, Jimmy Carter and Jerry Lewis.

It's sad to see that websites like this exist and that people can spend time thinking about when well known personalities may die. What are your thoughts?


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