Don't call them IHOp anymore, it's official. In a stunt last week, the restaurant changed that p to a b and it got us all wondering. Well wonder no more, it has been announced. The International House of Pancakes or IHOp has made it official. They will now be known as IHOb. After much speculation, the "b" stands for burgers. In an effort to change the perception of the restaurant, IHOb says that they want to be known, not just for breakfast and brunch anymore. They are adding several burgers to the menu including the Big Brunch burger with bacon, egg and hash browns on top.

I have a problem with this. I think we all knew that IHOp had other items than breakfast. I've had lunch there and even dinner on occasion. I feel like we don't need yet another place to get a burger. If you drive down Route 9 in Latham right now, there are at least 9, yes 9, burger places; and that's just in Latham!

If you are upset about the change of name, have no fear. IHob says it's just a temporary marketing campaign. They will be back to IHop soon.

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