In what appears to be a first for Vermont State Police, officers were attacked by a man with an  industrial excavator.

In the nearly two minute video released by Vermont State Police, two officers can be seen struggling with a suspect, while somebody else (not seen in the video) tries to use an excavator to try and scare off police.

So what's the story here? According to a Facebook post by State Police in Vermont, the two officers went to a home in Hardwick, about 60 miles east of Burlington, to serve a warrant on a man wanted in connection to am assault and burglary case. When police approached the man, he fought with them, then as police wrestled him to the ground, the suspect's father fired up the ol' excavator in an attempt to intimidate or scare off the officers.

Police can be heard repeatedly telling the father to stop, then he swings the bucket of the excavator at the officers, causing them to take cover and hit the ground. Luckily it missed. The father also held the bucket over the police cruiser in what looks like a threat to crush it.

According to a statement by Vermont State Police, the suspect was arrested, as were his mother and father for menacing and attempted assault. The troopers were not injured.

It was definitely one of the more unusual encounters for police, as one commander was quoted as saying:

They don’t have a scenario at the academy where we practice this one.

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