No, this is not a scene from Christmas Vacation. It is real and a total Clark Griswold move.

If like me you are a huge fan of t he Christmas Vaction movie when you watch the video below one person will come to mind: Clark Griswold! This video was taken recently in Standish, Maine and could have easily been a deleted scene from the classic Christmas movie.

If the video isn't coming up for you here, click through to post and it should play!


I know we all get a little crazy around the holidays ala Clark Griswold, but this is taking to a whole other level. First, this tree is enormous (It's not going in our yard Russ, it;s going in our living room.)! Second, as crazy as Clark was he at least had that enormous tree tied to the top of his 'front wheel drive sleigh.' 'Tis the season for holiday insanity!

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