A man had to be rescued from the roof of his truck after the parking lot he was in flooded in several feet of water. Reports from the scene say it is at the Howard Johnson's Motel on Canada Street in Lake George.

It happened early Friday morning as the flood waters started moving in, the car's driver had to escape to the roof of the truck for safety. Rescue crews came in with a boat to save the man, while the truck was almost entirely taken over by water... or so it would seem.

To make matters worse, his car isn't getting out of there anytime soon. Falling temperatures caused the water to freeze quickly. The truck, which was practically under water, now sits frozen in a sea of ice.

Temps are expected to remain below 32 degrees this weekend, but a warm up is coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully by then the ice will have thawed and dissipated enough to get the man's car out of there. Though it's probably going to need a large towel and quite a bit of work.

This isn't the first time the parking lot at the Howard Johnson Motel has faced flooding challenges. In July of 2021, around 20 rooms in the motel were flooded with up to five feet of water. The motel is actually located across the street from the Lake, but the heavy rains along with surface runoff from the nearby hills and mountains caused the parking lot to turn into it's own free-standing body of water.

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