The folks at Deep Blue Communications in Latham got a special treat Tuesday when Carly performed for them.

And this is really the best way to see a new artists. Up and close and personal you really get to know someone! Carly did not disappoint as she played 4 songs for the staff at Deep Blue, including her debut hit single 'Every Little Thing.' In a setting like this, you cannot hide a big band or production. True talent shines, and that is just what Carly did. Check it out!

Carly has such a great voice, and some amazing songs too. Hopefully you will get the chance to see her a bigger GNA show soon! Keep listening for her debut single 'Every Little Thing' on 107-7 GNA! And don't miss your chance to win our next Concert In A Cubicle! It's a once in a lifetime experience and you will be the office hero winning an in office show for your workplace.

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