When you’re driving through certain parts of the Albany area, you know that you have to watch for deer, and now you have to be careful of moose.

Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers / Getty Images

Yesterday, there were reports to Colonie Police about moose sightings throughout Latham. The sightings were around Route 7 and the Northway near exit 6.

There was a moose in the Clifton Park area near exit 9 of the Northway last Sunday, and then the next day a moose was seen in Halfmoon. That’s where DEC officials shot the animal with a tranquilizer and brought it to the Adironadacks.

According to the story on News 10 ABC, ENCON officials captured the moose near the Latham Post Office on Route 155. Public safety led officials to shoot the moose. That was partially because it was in a very populated and developed area, and also because they felt that if the animal were in a tranquilized state, it might have possibly been in danger of continuing to move, and head back to the Northway and then be struck by a vehicle, creating a very bad accident.