We all know that this cold and flu season is by far the worst in recent memory. We are very cautious about washing our hands and keeping surfaces clean and I still got the flu. Germs are everywhere and now we are being told to not only wash clothing but our winter gear too. When I started to feel under the weather last week, I took my winter hats, gloves and even my winter coat and put them in the washer. I washed everything in hot water to make sure it would kill the germs I was carrying. Apparently, not many people know that you should wash everything that you have come in contact with.

In fact, doctors say that you should get in the habit of washing your hats and gloves every week. They say the materials can harbor bacteria and sickness. We are usually wiping our nose on our gloves and touching all kinds of surfaces with our winter gear. Doctors also say that we usually come inside, hang up our gear and then don't think twice about where it's been. Then we put them back on again.

To stay protected from the cold and flu, doctors are encouraging us to wash our winter hats and gloves more often.

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