Whether or not you can believe that incarceration can change a person changes how you feel about this man being released.

Roy S. "Scott" Hayes was sent to state prison in 1992 for killing his step-grandfather (Queensbury) during a burglary 27 years ago as well as a burglary and arson in Hague, according to the Post Star.

On Tuesday, they announced that Hayes, now 53 years old, will be released after he served a sentence for murder and the three other felonies. Police determined that James Van Guilder died of a heart attack while fighting off Hayes while he was in the home stealing things. Hayes did plead guilty to second-degree murder, third-degree arson and two burglary counts after the events. His brother, who waited outside, was sentenced to one year in Warren County Jail.

Total, Hayes was sentenced to 18 years to life for the death of Van Guilder and 7.5 to 15 years for the burglary and arson in Hague. After a hearing before the parole board in August, he was granted parole for the rest of his life. He will be staying in the county.

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