I love true crime and following the stories that hit the news, until I find out it's local and until I find out that one of the killers could be on the streets of the Capital Region again.

In less than a week, CBS6 is reporting that the New York State Parole Board will consider the future of Jeffrey Williams who was convicted for the murder of Karolyn Lonczak.

The story began in January 1988, when Cohoes Assistant Police Chief Tom Ross responded to a call about an 18-year-old who went missing from her job. According to Ross, she always called her mother to let her know what she was doing but this day was different, her mother had no idea. Eight weeks later, the remains of Lonczak were found in horrendous conditions.

Evidence quickly pointed to Jeffrey Williams who is someone that had been on the police radar already. Williams committed another terrible crime when he was 19, involving the kidnapping of another young woman. Even being accused of having something to do with the disappearance of Karen Wilson who was a UAlbany student in 1985.

Through the handful of times Williams popped up on the police radar, his defense attorney has stood by his side, claiming his innocence. Current Albany County DA David Soares has written against the parole and doesn't think Williams is the kind of individual who should be allowed to walk the streets again.

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