When Ticketmaster loses a gigantic lawsuit, it turns out, we all make out on the deal. Who has had that frustrated thought when purchasing concert tickets when you think you're spending $45 to see your favorite artist and then all of a sudden you click to "confirm" your seats only to have another $15+ added in convenience fees through Ticketmaster. It's words I can't blog here is what it is.

But the beauty is, you and I are not the only people frustrated with it. In fact, last month there was a class action suit settled that accused Ticketmaster of overcharging with fees. It affected 50 MILLION people and those who purchased tickets through the website between October 21, 1999 to February 27, 2013 could be getting free tickets or discounts very, very soon!

How will you know? Log in to your account and to the side click "active vouchers" and see if you're one of the lucky recipients! Those that are getting the codes started getting them as of Saturday. Fingers crossed for ya!

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