I know people can get very close to their animals. Many refer to them as their babies and announce that Mommy or Daddy are home when they get home from work. I get it. I love my animals too. I have to be honest, even when I saw this article about this product called Licki Brush. This brush you hold in your mouth so it seems like your licking your cat clean rather than just holding the brush in your hand like a human. I clicked on it because I was interested in the theory behind it. Is this something that can bring me and my kitty cat even closer? Then I watched the video and my curiosity tuned quickly into something else.

It took about 20 seconds for me to become quite a bit disturbed by what I was watching. UGH.

Watching these people grooming their cats like they were a mommy cat made me think that maybe we should not want to become overgrown felines with opposable thumbs. Just as maybe we should not try so hard to humanize our pets after all they are animals. I never understood the whole dressing pets in clothing. I am no psychologist and believe me I am not trying to judge anyone and their relationship with their pets, I'm just saying for me I think I will continue to just be my cat's human and let him be a cat.

I'll let you be the judge watch the video and let me know, will you be ordering the Licki Brush?