I've been playing softball since I was the tiny age of just 6 years old. Mom tried to get me to do ballet, it lasted about as long as a 6 inch sub on a lunch break. Sorry, Mom.

Instead, I remember being in Clifton Park Center (Clifton Country Mall, at the time) and as we walked through, they had Miss Shen softball sign ups. My Mom asked if I wanted to and I, of course said yes!

6 Year Old, Marissa batting righty for the last time

I played from 1st grade through graduating year and my first year at HVCC. A lot of coaches focused on my running more than my other talents, which lead me to take a break because ya know, asthma.

Flash forward 15 years and here we are, the 2016 spring softball season for Team Mohawk Honda. It started out with the question of, " are we ever going to get to play?" We play on Sundays and if it didn't rain on Sunday, it did late the night before making the fields impossible to use for our games. Finally, we kicked it off with a double-header on May 22nd and started off the season with our first two wins.

Team Mohawk Honda, courtesy of Marissa

For the regular season we had 7 wins and 3 losses. Here's what is crazy, mainly because I wasn't expecting it but, it turns out I had the best batting average for our team with a .727! I know I consistently do well, I should after playing for as long as I have, I just didn't realize how well I was doing, I guess! It was like a little gift to hear the news.

Team Mohawk Honda, courtesy of Marissa

Now, as we entered into the playoffs as the 3rd team in our division we took on the 6th seeded team.

I'll say this - the heat has definitely been a factor in our playing the last couple of weeks. It has been almost too hot to just stand outside, let alone be directly in the blazing sun and running around for multiple hours.

In our first semi-final game, we took it in a mercy winning 20-5 with the heat getting to us in the second game, the same team we had crushed beat us by 1 (9-8.)

This past weekend, we took on that team again and if we were to win, we would continue on to another game against the second seeded team. It was approximately 91* degrees outside and by the second inning, not a cloud in the sky. I remember a guy on the other team telling me I was like "a vacuum cleaner over there" - I play second base. I was definitely hitting well, to go along with it which I'm not even sure how it happened given the intense sweating. We won 25-5, taking the series 2 games to 1.

Team Mohawk Honda, courtesy of Marissa

I had to leave before the second game due to Toby Keith - I mean, maybe I blame him for what's to come or maybe it was just the heat? Regardless, the final score ended up being 8-7 and we lost by one run.

It's okay though, we get to come back next week and hopefully crush the competition. But, ya know what? Even if we lose, it was a great season and we had a ton of fun. In this case we take a Mohawk Honda slogan and we mold it to our own, we go out of our way to have a blast.

Team Mohawk Honda, courtesy of Marissa