This Saturday is "Ex-Spouse Day". Why? I don't know, but trust me it is. So in honor of this holiday we had people write in to us the story of their exes. The idea is to find the worst ex-spouse out there. Now we need you to decide who wins.


I have taken four of the entries and tried to take out some of the details so that it would be hard to identify who these people actually are, but I do have a synopsis for each for you to read before you vote. So take a moment, read the stories, and then gives us your vote in the poll below.

1. My first wife was really bad when I lived out-of-state. She was never happy with anything I got her and always wanted more. I was able to get concert tickets to one show, but she refused to go and made me try turning them in for a better show, which I was unable to do. For Christmas, I bought her a 6-album set of 1 of her favorite artists – she never listened to it. The worst was that she always wanted to have threesomes. I eventually packed up and moved back home.

2. When I was a teenager, I married my high school sweetheart before he went off to the service. When my husband was reassigned and we moved out-of-state, he went off to war and came back a totally different person. He went back to school while I lived back home taking care of our son, and he had an affair with an older woman who also had a son. When he came back home to me, he wanted nothing to do with me. I was staying in a townhouse on-base, while he was living with a friend of his and was dating another female. There were eventually several incidents of anger issues, physical abuse, drinking and disappearing for days. Finally, his new girlfriend paid for our divorce last summer. They got married a month after the divorce, and he did the same lying & cheating on her! She has also left him and the two of us are now friends.

3. When I was a young adult, I thought I had married “the love of my life.” But a year and a half ago, my doctor notified me of necessary screening for STD’s that my husband had brought home. It turns out my husband had been on adult dating sites, looking for “casual encounters,” strippers and adult friends. I found out he had an affair with my best friend, and he had a second affair with a complete stranger outside a local bar. Since our separation last year, I found out he had disposable cell phones, met with ex-girlfriends and contacted strangers off of websites. He also lied about his income, had gambling problems and a bad drug addiction. Since he walked out on our marriage, the police have showed up looking for him because he’s totalled several vehicles, lost his job and lost our health insurance.

4. Where do I begin? Was it when I found out he was wearing my stockings because they all started to have runs in them? Or maybe after 8 years of marriage, I found out he had a daughter that was born a month AFTER we were married? He ran up outrageous phone bills from calling sex hotlines, and one week before my due date with our first child, I caught him with another woman in a bar after hours. I decided to leave him after multiple DWI’s and a DUI.