Maybe there should be one of these in every city and town where people serve this country.  So many give their lives and dont get near the recognition they deserve.
This is a great step in right direction for sure.
It's the Cohoes Veteran Memorial and it's being planned for West End Park on Columbia Tpke. in Cohoes.
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It's not cheap.  It will cost, according to the Times Union, almost $100,000 to construct.
By the way- if you feel like donating to the project, they won't turn you down. I don't have any information as to where you should send donations to, but if anyone involved reads this, feel free to send the info to and I will update this.
Mayor Primeau is definitely behind it.  His father was a veteran.  Well, he's not alone.  Mine was a veteran of WWII and fought in the Philipines.  I guess we'll really never know what these people went through to sacrifice for this nation. We hope you will visit this when completed, and we salute all who served and continue to!