Governor Phil Scott has revealed the 3-month "Vermont Forward" Plan.

Concerts with no restrictions? They may not be on the table yet for summer 2021 here in Upstate New York, but they are looking more likely for our neighbors. According to a CBS 6 story, the Green Mountain State has laid out a 3-month plan called "Vermont Forward" that will culminate by lifting capacity restrictions for "gatherings and events." Mask wearing and social distancing would still be encouraged as part of the plan. CBS 6 notes the Vermont Governor said the dates on the timeline could potentially change. That said, the plan would ramp up in 3 stages based on vaccination rates and would include capacity limits being raised to the following:

  • May 1st: 150 indoor/300 outdoor for unvaccinated attendees, unlimited vaccinated attendees
  • June 1st: 300 indoor/900 outdoor for unvaccinated attendees, unlimited vaccinated attendees
  • July 4th: SWEET FREEDOM!

There is always the caveat that dates could change, but the fact that a pretty solid progression plan is now in place to get back to big social gatherings is a very positive sign. Honestly, based on the proposed timeline, it could happen sooner than we expected in Vermont. At this point it is exhausting to get into the conversation of the progress of reopening here in the region; I think we are all just ready to just get back to everything we know and love as soon as possible. As we watch other states get moving and see folks gathering, we are all ready to have the same happening here in our region. Hopefully, New York follows Vermont's lead in the months ahead.

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